Deep Nourishing Conditioning Shampoo


Rs. 250.00
In the name of big brands all the companies are selling shampoos that contains harsh and harmful chemicals which does nothing good for your hairs but strip them off the natural oils or make the matter even worse. Triple Action Plus presents a unique shampoo, which is Sulphate, Paraben,and Phthalates Free. These chemicals are the main reasons for hair damage and problems. With special formula it is made from Green Sulphates and is enriched with Amla Juice Jatamanshi extract, aloe Vera and bhringraj, which nourish hair and gives them natural shine.It is an extra-gentle shampoo in our fresh Natural Spring scent that leaves hair clean and conditioned. This shampoo increases hair’s life by treating split ends, hair fall and premature graying. This shampoo has active fighters that fight dust, pollution and UV rays all day long and keeps your hair protected.

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