Laser White Cream Bleach


Rs. 390.00

Qraa Ozonated  bleach makes you look radiant in just 15 minutes, Enriched with active 03 particles solve 5 fairness problems like- dark spots, uneven skin tone, dull skin, dead skin cells and sun tan.  When Qraa ozonated bleach is applied on the skin, ozone is released. The scientifically formulated bleach has micro structurants which help prevent the released ozone from escaping into the atmosphere.  The ozone carries active ingredients into your skin, brightens, nourishes, energizes and protects, giving you naturally radiant skin instantly. Qraa post bleach vitamin C serum cares for your skin after bleaching. This incredible Skin nourishing serum is a special blend of precious & rare ingredients to help illuminate the skin and nourish it. 

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